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SehatCare.pk is Pakistan’s health informational web portal as health care matters for everyone. SehatCare.pk is a powerful platform which energizes users locally and internationally with confidence so they can have updated articles on various aspects of Tibb-e-Nabvi, Qur’anic way of healing, health tips, Diet & Nutrition, Life Style, Sexual Wellness and Health Conditions.

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Our team consisting of editors, doctors and health experts is dedicated to provide authentic, reliable, trusted, and updated health information for the betterment of society. We focus on problem-solving contents with the aim of helping the users to make decisions according to their specific situations. Keeping an eye on recent development in health care sector, authentic medical content, insights from experts, and various authentic news, SehatCare.pk strives to explain how and why health matters, what you can do about it, and how you feel about it. All information related to Health, Tibb-e-Nabvi, Health Tips, Health Researches, Fitness, Weight Loss, Health Conditions etc., is provided in clear and jargon-free language explaining different aspects of health in our lives. The contents are written in plain Urdu and English language, and also elaborated using real life examples through relevant images, diagrams, graphs, and videos.

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SehatCare.pk understands the importance of accuracy and authenticity of health care contents. However, we follow a blind review process during the production of the contents. Our contents are generated from interviews of doctors, opinion of health experts, real life stories of patients, medical news, workshops and conferences. These contents are also evaluated and reviewed periodically for further accuracy.

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Since health is a very personal and private subject, SehatCare.pk maintains a strict privacy policy.



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SehatCare.pk is pleased to offer personalized solutions to meet your specific brand needs. Advertising includes content integration, media placement, sponsored programs, and interactive tools. SehatCare.pk also offers various levels of exclusivity.

Editorial Team

Our editorial team is independent and unbiased that helps us to provide accurate information on a wide range of health issues rather on just clinical facts.

Our editorial team is as follows:

Executive Digital Editor: Dr. Muhammad Ashraf

Deputy Editors: Dr. Maria Mustafa and Dr. Ateeq-ur-Rehman

Senior Editors: Dr. Muhammad Amin and Dr. Muhammad Akram

Feature Editors: Dr. Wareesa Sharif, and Dr. Hina Rasool

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