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Editorial Independence

SehatCare.pk is a free, but advertiser-supported website. SehatCare.pk is editorially independent so that we can bring you unbiased, reliable, trusted and accurate information – not just the clinical facts – on a wide range of health issues. Advertiser content may appear on SehatCare.pk pages, but it will be clearly distinguished and marked as such.

Accuracy and Review of Content

SehatCare.pk understands the importance of accuracy and authenticity of health care contents. However, we follow a blind review process during the production of the contents. Our contents are generated from interviews of doctors, opinion of health experts, real life stories of patients, medical news, workshops and conferences. These contents are also evaluated and reviewed periodically for further accuracy.

Our Understanding of SehatCare.pk

Health problems have become the major issue in all over the world particularly in developing country like Pakistan. The health indicators especially pertaining to women and children are not very encouraging. Over past one decade, it is realized that the maternal or infant mortality has hardly moved 10 figures ahead. According to numerous medical reports, a woman dies due to pregnancy-related complications after every 20 minutes. Similarly, out of a thousand children born in one year, 95-100 died before they reached their first birthday. All these are basically due to health infrastructure which is not functioning very well. However, we believe that everyone needs to join hands in order to combat with the health issue.

At SehatCare.pk, we are amazed by the recent developments of science and technology in health care sector. We understand that extracting and presenting useful information from these recent achievements of the science can play important role in the betterment of society as whole. We believe that information in any form is an important and significant tool assisting the patients in the healing process. However, SehatCare.pk applies integrated approaches to produce health information on natural and alternative remedies where relevant. It is an effective way to contribute in the health care system. Since health is constantly changing field from doctors to doctors, specialist to specialist, hospital to hospital, and region to region, SehatCare.pk encourages consumers to seek information from different approaches and reliable sources for developing own understanding of healthy life in consultation with physicians and medical experts.

Editorial Team

Our editorial team is independent and unbiased that helps us to provide accurate information on a wide range of health issues rather on just clinical facts.

Our editorial team is as follows:


Executive Digital Editor: Dr. Muhammad Ashraf

Deputy Editors: Dr. Maria Mustafa and Dr. Ateeq-ur-Rehman

Senior Editors: Dr. Muhammad Amin and Dr. Muhammad Akram

Feature Editors: Dr. Wareesa Sharif, and Dr. Hina Rasool

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